Invisible Zone and 4D Surprise back available

For those of you who aren't aware, Invisible Zone and 4D Surprise are back available in some shops! Both were invented by Lubor Fiedler and are considered to be among Tenyo's best tricks ever.

When browsing the internet I realized a lot of shops have already sold out one or both items ... . They 'should' be back in stock by the end of may but this is in no way certain. I ordered one of each at a German shop but quickly got a reply 4D surprise was out of stock - the last few copies sold the day before.

Sorry for those who bought one or both the past year or so because they were sold for very high prices, especially at some auction sites. And while not common, Tenyo does rerelease a discontinued item from time to time. A few +1 tricks (Magical Sneakers to name one) and Crystal Cleaver are examples.

I do wonder why Tenyo decided to rerelease 4D Surprise and Invisible Zone. Were they becoming aware some older Tenyo items were/are in high demand among magicians or people who buy magic tricks in general? 

Which raises the question: can we expect other discontinued items becoming available again?

[EDIT/UPDATE april 30th] A friend of mine on the Tenyo forum just made me realize Tenyo has two other tricks which have been rereleased: OH-NO! and 4D-trunk. Thanks Rob ;-)

[EDIT/UPDATE may 5th] It seems 4D-trunk is also back available. It was discontinued a few years ago.


Check your batteries before it's too late

I was going through my Tenyo collection when I found an (almost) leaking battery in Mindscanner (T-154). Luckily it didn't damage the appartus itself ... pfew. Which raises the question what Tenyo tricks need 'battery - attention' ... ? 

New, button cell batteries, hardly leak. However, sometimes, when used, do ... . The older AA and AAA-types tend to leak after a (very) long time when not being used. Needless to say it could damage the apparatus.

Tenyo, as other comapanies, protect the batteries with a thin plastic sleeve; the plastic wrap or cover over the battery protects it from leaking.

Anyway, here is a list of Tenyo items that use electronics/batteries and perhaps, when not in use, you should check from time to time ... .

  • GHOST LAMP (T-245)
  • THE THIRD EYE (T-250)

  • In case I missed one, please send me a message - thanks.


    Tenyo for sale or trade

    Since my last post, for some reason (people probably thought I wasn't around anymore?), several people have asked about which items I have for sale or trade. I realize I have a page on my website dedicated to tricks I am selling, but for now I simply do not have the time to update it.

    So, if you are interested in old Tenyo items, I do have a *.pdf file with the items I am willing to sell with their asking price. Just contact me using the 'Contact form' on the left.


    It has been almost 3 years ...

    since I updated this website 😲. A few recent e-mails were a real wake up call.

    I currently don't have a lot of time to update regularly (nothing new here) but will try to at least post something interesting once in a while. For example, it seems a lot of people aren't aware Tenyo does have its own Youtube channel with a lot of interesting stuff, called 'Mr. Tenyo' - check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/mrtenyo.

    I may also add my interest in magic is not what it used to be - it has been partly replaced with another hobby: Lego. Since my son, Benjamin, 5 years old now, took an interest in Duplo and Lego (it started in the lockdown last year), I must confess I started spending (a lot) of money on Lego sets, so called for my son, but actually for me (and him when he gets older of course) 😊.

    For now I'm going to check this website for errors/non-working links and update some of the articles.

    By the way, here are my personal 'preview' thoughts about Tenyo's new 2022 releases (I do not have them yet, so my opinion might change when I have played with them).

    Wild Shock - I like this. Yes, it is a well known routine which uses a few gimmicked cards. Tenyo added something special to the deck it seems. It doesn't use Bicycle-cards unfortunately, but hey, where I live (Belgium) no one actually cares since Bicycle isn't a brand of cards that is common in my country (or Europe for that matter).

    Blink Bank - Looks great on camera, but for me this is not a stand alone trick. If it works as good as it seems it is a nice addition to tricks that use papers/bills.

    Future Photo - The forcing of the card is very obvious for us, but perhaps not for laymen. I don't really like the use of a Smartphone in magic tricks ... and this one is no exception. Nonetheless, if you like these kind of tricks, it may be well worth it.

    Flash Cube - looks interesting, and happy that it doesn't use the same method as Instant portrait. As with all the non-card items this year, it seems to be a bit cheaply made, but I could be wrong.

    Phone Appetit - perhaps it's great for Halloween, the mask looks plain scary to me. Perhaps I watched IT too many times ... . 

    Image Generator pocket edition - I payed a LOT for the original T-shirt but have never used it to be honest. It's a good trick. It uses an old principle in magic but it is, well, okido. I have no idea what the selling price is, but I did find one for sale in Japan for 50+ USD, which is absolutely ridiculous.

    From a person's view who collects Tenyo magic tricks, this is not an amazingly good year (at least it seems that way, I don't have the tricks in hand). I do appreciate Tenyo keeping the sale price of the tricks low and still have unique, easy to do and (at least for laymen) baffling tricks.


    Tenyo 2018 tricks

    Bento Box, Star Sign,
    Miracle Blindfold, Fortune Sticks
    (Click on the photos for a larger version).
    I have been waiting to post this because two of the tricks (the Dowsing Rod and Guillotine trick) didn't have a release date yet ... untill now. Thanks to Yasuo Amano from the Hey Presto! Blog and Funstuffonly's Tenyoforum  we now know the release date for both is december 11th. Besides the 4 official T-numbered tricks, Tenyo will release (or already has released) new tricks in their 'mental magic series', as they did last year.

    Regular T-number line
    - Bento Box/Mental Bento: a mentalism routine with a cleverly mechanical gimmicked bento box. The gimmick indicates which food items are secretly chosen, enabling you to accurately divine the spectator's choices. Demo see here. The types of food in the box are just stickers, so you'll be able to adjust it/them and use this for other routines. By the way (sorry if I'm stating the obvious, I didn't know what 'Bento Box' meant), a bento box is a (originally Japanese) lunch box divided into parts which each hold a type of food. Here's an interesting link with more info on the subject.
    Smart Guillotine, Miracle
    Dowsing Rod
    - Star Sign/Constellation Card (idea by Mathieu Bich): a card of the night sky reveals a 'freely' (😉) selected card when the stars magically rearrange. Demo here.
    - Smart Guillotine: act as if you 'slice' a bill (or finger) in two with a black, plastic card, but it remains unharmed. Demo here.
    - Miracle Dowsing Rod: a coin is placed in one of four black envelopes. The rods react (from what I can see: 'open') when they are held near the envelope with the coin. Demo here.

    Mentalism tricks
    Miracle Blindfold: a gimmicked blindfold which allows you a 'peek' at chosen cards, colors, objects, ... . Demo here. I'm not really impressed by this trick (I don't know why but blindfolds always scream 'peeking' to me ...), but I have read that this one is very clever ... .
    - Fortune Sticks: a re-release of the classic Fortune Sticks, with bigger symbols printed on them. Demo here. From what I know now, besides the bigger symbols (which is a nice touch), there is nothing new compared to the original version. I frankly don't quite understand why Tenyo re-released this ... the older version is still available (although you'll have to put some effort in finding one) and there's an Elite version made from metal. I suspect this trick was and still is very popular in Japan.

    I haven't ordered any of the tricks yet but my favourites so far are the Bento Box and especially the Smart Guillotine which really looks like classic 'gimmickery' Tenyo ... fingers crossed!


    Tenyo's Disney Magical Vintage Poster

    My budget has been limited for some time now and will continue to be so in the future, but if everyone is so utterly enthousiastic about a new Tenyo item I always manage to 'role' those extra few bucks from my good old Mikame Money Printer :)
    First, take a look at this wonderfull performance by Angelo Carbone, and enjoy what happens (which is what magic is about, enjoying, not trying to find how it is done ;) ).

    Ok ok ... now you may ask yourself: how did he do it? !
    The torn and restored newspaper is a trick well known among magicians, and whoever owns a classic version of this trick will probably scratch her or his head and ask the same quesion: where in hecks name did those pieces go? How can the performer show one and only one piece of poster, so clean, at the end?
    The answer is simple, yet VERY deceptive! After all these years of collecting magic tricks it is pretty uncommon I have this kind of 'aha-erlebnis', the feeling of 'why didn't I think of that'?!
    When I opened my package I was wondering where the 'gimmick' was. Nothing to be found, absolutely nothing. Was there actually a gimmick? I won't go into more detail, but all I can say is this trick is easy to do, extremely deceptive (if performed right), and the secret is Tenyoesque! No super gimmicky new thingy-wingies, but actually very simple, but oh so smart. This could have been an official T-number release, but perhaps the secret wasn't entirely made up by the Tenyo staff ... I don't know. Anyway, get this one. It is available in Japanese stores and Ebay-sites for +/- 20 USD, which is a great price. Oh and once you know what the secret is, you can actually make your own version. But it will cost you more than what this trick is selling for.


    Amazing Stories - Mr. Magic

    This has perhaps nothing to do with magic tricks per se, but I just wanted to share this wonderful episode of a show I was very fond of when I was young (younger 😏) called Amazing Stories.
    It has this wonderfull 'eightees' feel to it which I love very much. From Imdb: "Old-timer Lou Bundles, once a world-famous magician, is now fumbling every trick, and desperately purchases an amazing old deck of cards at a small magic shop in hopes of going out in a spectacular display of legerdemain."
    You can watch this episode online, as far as I know legally, here - it's the 8th episode of the first season. Enjoy.